If this will be your first time experiencing a massage, this is what you can expect.

-A medical history form will be given to you upon your arrival, along with a consent form to perform the massage.

-You meet your therapist.

-Go to your treatment room with therapist, discuss your medical history, discuss a plan of treatment and the reason for visit.

-Therapist goes over how to get undressed (your comfort level or not-at-all), how to get on table, and how to cover (drape) oneself.

-The therapist then leaves the room so you (client) can get undressed, get on table and cover up.

-Therapist will knock before re-entering and begin session for time allotted.



30    Minutes Therapeutic/Prenatal Massage     $40

45    Minutes Therapeutic/Prenatal Massage     $55

60  Minutes Therapeutic/PrenatalMassage     $65

90  Minutes Therapeutic/Prenatal Massage      $95

30  Minutes Deep Tissue/Hot Stone Massage$50

45  Minutes Deep Tissue/Hot Stone Massage$65

60  Minutes Deep Tissue/Hot Stone Massage$75

90  Minutes Deep Tissue/Hot Stone Massage$105



30 Minutes Therapeutic Massage   $90

45 Minutes Therapeutic Massage   $120

60 MinutesTherapeutic Massage$140

90 MinutesTherapeutic Massage$200

30 Minutes Deep Tissue Massage$110

45 Minutes Deep Tissue Massage$140

60 Minutes Deep Tissue Massage $160

90 MinutesDeep Tissue Massage $220


CHAIR MASSAGE (Fully Clothed)

Heaven in Seven(7 minute massage)  $ 10

Cloud Nine (10 minute massage)          $ 13

Bliss (15 minute massage )                    $18


It Works Body Contouring (reduces appearance of cellulite)

1 Target Area   $35

2 Target Areas   $70

3 Target Areas   $90

4 Target Areas   $100




(We can travel to your office or party for a $55 set up fee/therapist)



Foot Detox Bath                              $ 45

Foot Detox add on w/massage       $  35

Foot Detox Bath (14 treatments)   $585



1 Area                              $25

2 Areas                            $30

3 Areas                            $35


We also bill insurance for auto accidents and workers compensation cases